Root Canal

root2webThere are various oral health care procedures and treatments done to provide comfort, health, and beauty to the overall mouth condition of patients. Among these concerns, a root canal treatment is one of the most common dental procedures used when there are problems. A root canal can be a dwelling place for bacteria that can cause the teeth and mouth problems when not given enough attention.

That is the reason why our office in McDonough has been established in the oral health care industry. Ever since starting to provide exceptional services we have helped numerous patients who are dealing with root canal issues that they thought could no longer be resolved.

Root Canal Services Root Canal McDonough GA

McDonough Family Dentistry makes use of the most advanced materials and equipment in resolving any problem in oral health. We have experts and experienced staff who can deal with root canal problems or endodontics. Some of the latest equipment the we use includes ultrasonics instruments, microscopes and high-magnification glasses.

Along with these systems, the knowledge and skills of the orthodontics will help you feel comfortable and pain free again.

Root Canal Treatment Root Canal McDonough GA

A root canal is the dental procedure done when there is infection at the tooth’s central part (the root canal system) also called as “endodontics”. This type of infection has been  caused by bacteria which lives inside the mouth and invades the tooth especially when:

  1. Fillings have leaked
  2. Tooth decay has taken place
  3. Teeth have been destructed by trauma

The Procedure

At our office we treat root canal infections by initially removing the bacteria. It can be done through:

  1. Saving the tooth while bacteria is removed from the root canal, or
  2. Through extraction (removing the tooth)


Before and after the procedure, the oral health professionals in Root Canal in McDonough, GA will instruct you and give the complete details regarding the process. This way, you will be prepared for the procedure and will be guided in oral health and maintenance.