Dentures can be divided into three types based on your mouth structure and condition. They are manufactured in a denture laboratory once your mouth impression is taken by your dental specialist. It is important that you pick a good dentist for any kind of teeth issues as removing or adding new teeth could be a complex job. We have great experience in dental surgery and will do whatever it takes to get your smile back. McDonough Family Dentistry offers several different types of Dentures:

  • Conventional Full Denture: Dentures are placed in your mouth once the teeth are removed from mouth and gums are healed completely.
  • Immediate Full Denture: As the name suggests, the denture is placed immediately in the mouth after the teeth are removed completely. To accomplish this procedure a dentist takes a measurement of your jaw and makes models prior your visit. Though immediate full denture gives instant benefit to patient who doesn’t have teeth it needs to be reclined in short intervals for few months. The main reason behind this adjustment is because the jaw bone supporting denture reshapes itself which makes dentures loose.
  • Partial Denture: The denture is fixed in the mouth by placing a metal framework which is attached to your natural teeth. On few cases, crowns are placed on natural teeth that work as anchors for the denture.

Advantages of Dentures McDonough GA

  • In the past, dentures were used for their primary function –chewing. Now, modern dentures are more sturdy, comfortable, quite similar to real teeth, and fully functional. The fitting process for our Dentures makes sure that the dentures sit properly with minimal irritation in gums.
  • There are many different types of dentures that are now easily available in the market which includes full or partial sets. Full dentures are ideal for the patients who have lost the majority of their teeth. Then there are implant-supported dentures which are a great option for those who wish to have non-removable dentures.
  • Our dentures look like real teeth and are available in porcelain and plastic material. So, when someone see’s your teeth, they will not even notice that you are wearing dentures.
  • Good dentures support facial structure and muscles in a correct way and can reduce oral bone loss.
  • Dentures are very cost effective for patients who still have their natural teeth. Dentures McDonough GA

Disadvantages of Dentures McDonough GA

Although many disadvantages associated with dentures are no longer a concern with modern technology, there are still many concerns which a patient should be aware of before considering dental treatment for denture fitting.

  1. Denture needs to be cleaned regularly to avoid infection, disease and bad breath.
  2. Improperly fitted dentures are difficult to wear and can cause difficulty in chewing, gum bleeding and pain.

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