Deep Cleaning

Take a Deep Cleaning

Healthy teeth have a huge impact on people’s lives. Having a strong and complete set of teeth can give you the ability to enjoy and eat a wide variety of foods along with boost ing your confidence. However, in some circumstances your teeth might be damaged due to things such as improper care of the teeth and eating foods that may cause teeth problems.

Deep cleaning is one way to help prevent you from needing other services in the future. So, if you are facing some teeth discomfort and gums diseases then you might consider having a deep cleaning of your teeth with us.

What is a Deep Cleaning?

Deep Cleaning is the process of eliminating and removing dental plaque and calculus that may cause inflammation if untreated. If you have some pockets around the teeth then you might need a deep cleaning, also known as Root planning.

Deep cleaning can also be the best treatment to decrease and delete pockets around the teeth. Here are some of the teeth and gum diseases that can be treated by having a  Deep cleaning with us.


Plaque on the teeth can develop into bacteria growing in the teeth which can irritate the gums and cause Gingivitis. It can make the gums red and easily bleed. Gingivitis forms a pocket as bacteria may contribute to a loss of bone around the teeth. It can be treated by a professional Deep cleaning McDonough, GA and polishing.

Periodontal Disease

Periodontal Disease is a silent disease that can slowly erode the bone and structures of the mouth. All signs of this disease are not easily noticeable so having a deep cleaning can help to detect it early.

Does Deep Cleaning hurt?

The pain that a patient might feel while having deep cleaning may depend of depth of the pocket and the periodontal disease’s condition. If patient has a deep pocket and the cleaning expert needs to clean the area of damaged tooth it may cause a little bit of pain. To prevent severe pain, we will numb the area to ensure that our patient’s comfortably is one of our top priorities.

After Deep Cleaning?

Deep cleaning is not a treatment we recommend on a regular basis.

The Deep cleaning McDonough, GA is usually done 3-4 months following the initial deep cleaning treatment.  At every visit our staff is going to measure the pocket to make sure the disease is not coming back or getting worse.

In case we find out the disease is no longer developing then follow up deep cleaning procedures might just be on a 6 month recall.