Bridges McDonough GA

Teeth Fixing Through Bridges

Having a good, clean and complete set of teeth can boost your confidence and enhance your smile. It can also allow you to enjoy a wide variety of food and drink. However, due to some factors such as improper self hygiene, lack of care to the teeth and aging, teeth might be damaged.

Bridges can definitely help you to regain a beautiful smile and the confidence that comes with one by replacing or repairing the teeth.

What are Bridges?

A dental bridge is a false tooth which is also called a Pontic. It is a procedure usually done for people with missing teeth in order to restore the natural function and appearance of the mouth structure.

There are three different kinds of bridges. The traditional bridge consists of  two crowns on each side of the false tooth or teeth, the Cantilever bridge is two fused crowns to fill a space at the rear of the mouth of the patient and the Maryland Bridge is a plastic tooth and gums with a metal framework.

Bridging is the process of cutting teeth on either side of the missing tooth or teeth. The abutment teeth are decreased to size in order to accommodate a space to utilize and restore the shape and size of teeth in proper alignment and contact with teeth. Usual materials used for bridges are gold, porcelain combined with metal or, in some cases, only porcelain.

The Difference between Dentures and Bridges McDonough GA

Some people have misconceptions about Bridges and dentures. The truth is that Bridges function like dentures, but a dental bridge is permanent while partial dentures are not.

The Benefits of Having Bridges McDonough GA

Dental Bridges are permanently attached and function almost identical to natural teeth. Unlike dentures, if you have bridges you do not need to do additional maintenance.