Laser Dentistry

Woman at the dentistLaser Dentistry McDonough GA

Our dentists can perform many treatments with a level of precision unimaginable prior to the advent of laser technology. Using cutting-edge laser dentistry techniques, our dentists are able to promote faster healing, reduce bleeding during and after treatment, and minimize discomfort. Dr. Scott Brown and his team employ laser dentistry at our McDonough practice when performing a wide range of cosmetic and general dentistry procedures.

The Benefits Laser Dentistry McDonough GA

Laser dentistry can make visits to the dentist more comfortable and stress-free. Benefits encompass a broad spectrum of treatments and include the following:

Reduced Trauma – The heightened levels of accuracy and precision afforded by dental lasers allow dentists to shape gum tissue and remove tooth decay without traumatizing the surrounding tissues.
Less Bleeding and Swelling – Laser dentistry eliminates the need for traditional incisions or sutures. This results in less bleeding and faster healing.
Faster Healing – Dental lasers help promote cellular healing.

Laser Dentistry Treatments McDonough

One of the most exciting advances in the dental field, laser dentistry can be used to make treatments safer and more effective. Here are some of the ways in which dental lasers can be used:

Fillings – Our dentists use lasers to prepare teeth for filling.
Tooth Whitening – Specialized lasers can enhance the action of whitening gels, producing exceptional teeth whitening results in very little time.
Periodontal Therapy – Dental lasers can kill the oral bacteria that cause gum disease.
Gum Contouring – For patients with prominent gums dental lasers can be used to reshape their gum lines. By exposing more of the natural teeth, a cosmetic dentist can reveal a more proportionate smile.

Learn More about Laser Dentistry in Henry County

We would be happy to answer any questions you have about laser dentistry. Contact our McDonough GA cosmetic dentistry practice today. Serving Henry County and the surrounding communities, our dental practice is devoted to the health, safety, and comfort of our patients.